Title:Plans for Routine Checkup for Seniors Love in terms of Medicine
Category:Fitness Health: Home Health
Description:Seniority, though said to be the final but is also an important phase of life. It brings with itself an ocean of knowledge and wisdom that you have gained through your experiences in the past. Physically, your body faces various changes but those changes can be handled easily if you show proper concern towards them. Regular exercises are one of the major keys to a fit and fine body during the old age. If one exercises regularly then risks to various diseases drastically decreases. Moreover, regular work out sharpens your heart and mind and you feel fresh and active. It keeps your mood away from turning blue. It is necessary that along with proper exercise, routine health checkup is also carried out. It is correctly said, 'Prevention is better than cure'. Your routine checkups will help you keep your health in the pink state. Moreover, if any disease is diagnosed at an early stage, it is not very difficult to deal with. One has many ways before him/her to come out of that. Get Reliable Home Care Edmonton On the other hand, if you come to know about a disease at later stage, it is possible that the person may suffer from mental trauma and pain, too. Monthly check for BMI (Body Mass Index) which includes height, weight and Blood Pressure should be carried out every month. Eye checkup and Dental checkup should be carried out every two to three months for the elders. Furthermore, Haemoglobin’s tests should be done at regular intervals as prescribed by the physician. Diabetes, Cholesterol, thyroid, etc are the some of the dangerous diseases from which you need to save yourselves. Therefore, quarterly checkup should also be looked forward in such cases. One most know their sugar level, LDL (Low Density Lipoprotien), HDL (High Density Lipo-protein) and the fluctuations in the report as they occur. Medications should be taken as per the doctor's advice. Along with these checkups one must also insists on going for ECG (Electrocardiography) to check on the proper working of heart. Senior men should go for the Prostrate checkup whereas senior women should go for Mammography tests. Our body is made up of cells and tissues and is a very complex structure. Contact Manas Home Care today. And till we are alive it is our responsibility to keep it in the best condition possible. Even though we do not have the knack of medical knowledge, we can go for these tests and help ourselves to live a better life. If we are completely aware of our present then only we can think of working for our future. It is also advisable that the seniors should go for a complete body checkup every year so that know the facts instead of relying on anticipations.
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