Title:Perfect DnD Dice for Players and Game Masters
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Description:We at Blue Wizard Gaming offer many great dices for the DnD RPG, combined them all in the standard DnD Dice sets. Each set consist of majestic D20 dice, that is the main dice for most actions and also perfectly weighted D12 dice for the real big weapon rolls. Two finely created D10 for weapon damage and percentage rolls. A flawless D8 for the one-handed weapon damage rolls is available in this dice set. A devilish D4 is the smallest weapons. You can find these sets of DnD dice in our store in many styles and colors. We offer not only thematically colored metal dices, like the Lich King or the Paladin Aura, but also more extravagant and lighter polymer sets, like the orange-black Dragonwrath. Browse our store and you will surely find what you are looking for!
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